Automotive Restorations Magazine, Vol. II

Our periodic publication to communicate our culture and what we are all about. The magazine features our customer's car stories, illustrated and explained from start to finish.

Decades Later

Rumble Seat Romance -

Jerry had this Leyland Lincoln stored for ages. It had served well in period racking up just over 83,000 miles. It was the later 1980s and it was indeed time for a 2nd chance. We went to work per photos below returning... continue

Two Jags & Two Reasons, Part 1

Series I Jaguar E Roadster -

Tom’s been a Jaguar guy for years. Having completed an award winning coupe restoration for Tom decades ago he was ready for an E in tastefully enhanced form.

Two Jags & Two Reasons, Part 2

A Family Story to Savor -

Kevin’s dad was an E guy and special ordered this one circa 1965 in a green of his liking. Kevin wanted to see the gem he inherited driving perfectly and looking exactly as it looked in his boyhood. Viola!

Kevin’... continue

Doin' Right by a 68 Pontiac Firebird 400

We added more FIRE! -

A real survivor with trunk stickers in tact and just a bit of wear in the normal spots starting to show. “Good bones” are the best start. This car had em & to work we go. Photos can never tell the whole story, but... continue


A great color for a 300SL -

Silver is a great color for a 300SL roadster, so here's a pair. Our first example is a car we both painted and supported for Archie at vintage races a few years back. The second example is John's once black and now in... continue

Bentley Continental Conundrum

Hard Stuff Done Right -

Lost was the sad tale of a 1999 Bentley Type R Continental SC Sedanca left side roof panel. The only thing left was the upholstery owner Andrew was able to recover off the highway after the semi did its work. They built... continue

Hurricane Sandy, Strike 1

Broken, but Not Beaten -

There it sat, alone in Scott’s garage and ready for some classic motoring fun then Sandy, a tree, and a garage leveled onto his lovely little Mercedes Benz 190SL convertible. Unlike the next Super-storm Sandy story car,... continue

Hurricane Sandy, Strike 2

The Superstorm Caused Some Super Damage -

Superstorm Sandy had quite a tiff with Gracy. Gracy is a familial name (and license plate number) for Don’s Mercedes Benz 190SL seen here. The roof had literally fallen in on the car along with a rather large tree.... continue

A Lamborghini Interlude

Countach Craft & Creativity -

What a design this was and still is. Few cars say power, speed and agility better. On arrival this SV looked pretty good…until one looked closely per photos below. Finish failures abound. Soon apart, down to bare... continue

It All Starts With Some History

Provenance and Patina -

Larry’s 1959 Alfa Romeo SZ Zagato # 00043 had quite a life before it came to Larry circa 1965. 3 Targa Florio events run with but one crash and a class win at Pescara in 1961. Several owners, several drivers and all... continue

A Family Heirloom

Just As We Found It -

Eric’s Dad Don loved this car and the sentiment transferred from father to son. Don passed away with has car a bit apart and in boxes. An engineer by profession, all was labeled, carefully disassembled and complete. So... continue

Dad's Car

Classic Style -

Dad’s Car from those formative years often commands a place in our hearts. Such was the case with Robs 1965 Chrysler Imperial Convertible. Quite a car in its day and quite a fond memory for the family. So much so that... continue

Oh What a Story These Bodies Can Tell

A Superb Little Fiat -

Mahlon’s superb little Fiat Abarth 1000GT was built to race, & it clearly has. Knocks occur and proportions adjust, then quick fixes to get that practice mishap Sunday race ready occur. The result: a discreet nose... continue

California Driving 2014

Long live the Mille -

We send some out every year and all come back happy. Great roads, weather, wine and speed seems to have that knack. Long Live the California Mille!! Nigel’s red Giulietta spyder, Chris’ yellow Alfa coupe and Hans’... continue

What a Car

A Provenance of Perfection -

We had worked on Jim’s 300SL helping him with this and that for well over a decade…and then Dennis wanted to be it’s custodian. This car was MB 300SL prototype # 003. Briggs Swift Cunningham had talked Max Hoffman and... continue